Franchise a Cocolemon

Achieving Brand Authority Through Franchising

Cocolemon is a Singapore-based private limited entity. We make it easy and pleasant for customers to reach their own aspirations by establishing a "purpose" for every shake. We produce tasty beverages from the world's finest liquids. These shakes and lemonades are handcrafted by one, yet made sure to be appreciated by everyone.

Only Cocolemon makes tailored shakes and lemonades carefully combined for certain requirements, objectives and ambitions.

Locally owned shop

Created by one, enjoyed by all.

Anyone can make coconut shakes, We do it best because we:

Have a team that focuses on the development of delicious, unique offerings

Combine complementary components and ingredients and produce tasty drinks.

Use fresh fruits and ingredients

Provide appropriate nutrients, like fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins etc.

A Business to feel good about

It is essential in life, whether it is in time off or at work, that you feel good about what you are doing. Ultimately, pleasant and satisfying employment does not feel like “work.” You will spend days helping people live healthier, more active lifestyles as a Cocolemon franchisee. You will serve their favorite shakes mixed with fresh fruit and coconut — no artificial flavors or colours.

You will also serve smiles while fulfilling their cravings for the nutritious beverages they enjoy. At the same time, you will teach responsibility to your younger team members and the significance of a better living. All of this, via company ownership, constructs a brighter future for your family.

Why choose COCOLEMON?

Discover the advantages of Cocolemon Franchise

Exceptional Support

The best way to become the leading coconut shake franchise brand begins with the tireless support of your franchisees. From the moment you sign the franchise agreement, you become part of the Cocolemon family. Our processes, team members, and resources are all geared toward providing you with the training, motivation, and support to enable you to successfully open a new Cocolemon store.

Product Advancement

In order to improve the business’s menu and, most significantly, to satisfy the growing health-conscious customer demands we are continuously testing and releasing new items that promote traffic and sales.

Location, Renovation and Construction

We understand that the location is one of the key aspects in any Cocolemon store’s success. This knowledge is used by our experienced real estate teams to help you discover the best site for your new business.

Training and Assistance

We have the expertise and experience to manage a profitable business. We will share with you our knowledge and provide you comprehensive training on everything related to managing a Cocolemon store.

Dedicated Marketing

The franchise team of Cocolemon has the knowledge to manage how the industry operates. We provide smart marketing techniques for your success with both technology and support team.

Franchise FAQs

Here are the questions we frequently hear about our franchise opportunity.
+ Why should I franchise with Cocolemon?

We have a simple business model that can make you money without the need to commit a lot of your time.

+ How much does it cost to franchise a Cocolemon?

Our franchise package starts from $60,000 SGD.

+ What are the requirements for a potential franchise partner?

Have a strong interest and are capable of running a beverage business.

+ Do I need a background in food and beverage?

No, Cocolemon provides training and support to franchisees. We will teach you to run and manage the business.

+ Is Cocolemon easy to operate?

Yes, we have standard operating procedures and a business model doesn’t require much expertise.

+ Do you help me find a location?

We will assist to find and identify a suitable location for you.

+ How many team members do I need to operate a Cocolemon location?

Depending on location, it ranges from 2-4 staff.

+ What are the franchise and royalty fees?

The franchise fee is $25,000 SGD for 5 years. There are no royalty fees.

+ What type of support will I receive after I sign the agreement?

We will handle the renovation and full set-up of the business.

+ How long is the franchise agreement?

Five years.

+ What is the turnaround time to open a Cocolemon franchise?

About one year.

+ How do I get started?

We will arrange a meet-up to discuss the franchise in details. Fill in the form below or express your interest to

Franchise Enquiry

Fill in the form below and our business development team will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you may email your interest to